The 11 Most Sold Vibrators Today

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Most present-day vibrators have evolved so much, to the point that they can practically make women orgasm with every use – and make their partners feel good as well. If we are going to compare the best selling vibrators nowadays with one another, there really is no clear occupant of the top spot.

Virtually all of them manage to induce eye-rolling pleasure through precise and heady (pun very much intended) stimulation you or your partner’s pleasure zones. This list of 11 most sold vibrators we have compiled simply hammers the point further.

Tracy’s Dog Clitoral Sucking Dildo Vibrator

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Sucking clitoral vibrators are all the craze because of the mind-numbing sensations they can produce. And this Tracy’s Dog vibrator is just built to do what men (and women) are rarely able to do when it comes to clitoral stimulation using its 10 suction settings. To tease you further, it can be made to perform various vibration patterns with its waterproof silicone phallus. The ultimate woman pleaser, as thousands of its satisfied users would probably agree.

PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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This smoothly rounded phallic toy is angled perfectly to please the hell out of your love tunnel’s sweet spots. And it does not stop there. Attached is an optimally positioned clitoris stimulator that will guarantee knockout orgasms for all pleasure-deprived women when used along with the shaft and the nine vibration modes it integrates. A formidable, well-built toy from a company that knows what women want.

Treediride Clitoris Stimulator and Vibrator

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This most sold vibrator that promises double delight with its dual motor also capitalizes on pleasuring your clitoris and g-spot at the same time. Its approach to clitoral stimulation is unique, though, in that it uses friction from its raised particles to greatly complement its over 10 vibration modes. It also operates via its 15-25M remote control for absolute convenience as you partake of the myriad sexual stimulation methods it offers you.

Adorime G-Spot Rabbit 3-Motor Dildo Vibrator

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Three heads in one dildo? Yes, please! This vibrator makes the most out of its ends by having a rabbit-style head on one side and a waterproof silicone shaft on the other. Three motors operate each head. With its 7 modes and 3 vibration points with variable speed included in all three, this vibrator is a bonafide sex hydra designed to gift you and your partner with abounding ecstatic delight.

LUXELUV Bendable G-Spot Vibrator

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Vibrators that can bend just have a good way of simulating the feel of a dildo while sending you pleasure waves from their vibration. This LUXELUV sensual, soft toy’s liquid silicone shaft belies its beastly performance, though, for it will send even the Goddess Eros herself blushing with its “healthy and strong” vibration prowess.

Adorime Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

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Another Adorime product that is included in the most sold vibrator list, the company put all its money on clit stimulation in this air-reliant vibrator. It will not in any way make the least bit of contact with your love button, but its airflow technology will still manage to make you erupt in explosive ecstasy. With 10 different intensities to choose from, this is basically an inevitability.

Xocity G-Spot Clitoral Nipple Anal Vagina Vibrator

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This versatile ten-vibration couple’s vibrator is designed to be used during intercourse for optimal pleasure. With a 10M remote control, you can expect to get as much freedom in experimentation and positions to discover the treasure troves of pleasure it is waiting to impart. The superior flexibility is just the icing on the cake.

PALOQUETH Waterproof G-Spot Dual Motor Vibrator

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Another PALOQUETH original, this most sold vibrator has over nine vibration modes that are made possible by its almost noiseless double motors. The wireless remote control capability opens up plenty of naughty opportunities with your partner. A pleasure wizard in bed that will bring that much-needed spice in your lovemaking.

COOXER Clitoris G-Spot Nipple Vibrator

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One of the more discreet and inconspicuous vibrators that is receiving plenty of positive feedback, this waterproof and super soft COOXER sex bullet still manages to include 10 unique vibration patterns. Its all-black color and relatively minuscule size make in an assassin in sexual stimulation. A toy that more than proves the adage that size does not matter.

PALOQUETH Couples Vibrator

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A PALOQUETH incarnation of the couples vibrator, you can expect this curved vibrator’s 10 powerful vibration modes to deliver fresh and unique sensations every time you and your partner start making love. Its optimal flexibility, length, and width allow it to accommodate your partner’s shaft as it delivers waves of indescribable delight to you both. Rest assured that it’s great for solo play too!

MELO G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

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Incorporating a tried and tested dildo design, this particular vibrator is shaped specifically to stimulate the feeling of a tongue licking against your vaginal walls or a penis sliding wonderfully along its entire length. The 12 vibration frequencies and strengths it has are half of what makes it such a solid provider of transportive, heavenly sensations.


These most sold vibrators reached the pinnacle of success on Amazon for a good reason. Some are erogenous zone snipers that deliver no-nonsense, instant gratification, while others are just moan-inducing pleasure givers that can outshine even the most adept erotic masters out there. Mind telling us which one gets your kink on?

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