How to Use a Clitoral Stimulator

how to use clitoral vibrator

When it comes to knowing how to use a clit stimulator properly, you only have to pay attention to a few essential factors. Yes, there are different kinds of clitoris stimulators out there. But many of them pretty much overlap in terms of general usage. There is also the undeniable fact that a lot of the best ones out there really make it a point to be very easy to use. They would not have gotten the positive feedback they received had it been otherwise.

Of course, this is also assuming that you will not be settling for no less than the top-rated clit stimulators currently available. We are also writing this guide for users who will be relying solely on clitoral stimulators only and not on vibrators that also involve vaginal penetration.

Keep in Mind These Fundamental Guidelines

Many clitoral stimulators take the form of bullet vibrators. These are the most basic forms of clitoral stimulators. That said, they are also fairly easy to use as well. Almost extremely elementary even, making them the most ideal forms of clit stimulators for women who mean to test the waters.

That said, do not overlook these toys. You will find yourself climaxing quickly even with the most standard ones you can buy on Amazon. They can induce the most intense orgasms for even the most experienced users. Do not be intimidated, though. These toys can certainly unlock numerous opportunities for experimentation, giving you all the freedom to take your pleasures to loftier heights.

Even the more advanced toys that integrate clit sucking technology still pretty much have the same kind of usage. They just produce an entirely new experience and a range of other sensations because of the way they deliver pleasure. In the case of clit suckers, they simply mimic oral sex as much as possible.

Get yourself nice and hot

Being a clitoral stimulator does not necessarily mean that you should zero in on your lovebud alone. To really make the most out of it, you should also show equal love to your other erogenous zones. These could range from your nipples and thighs to your breasts and neck.

Like sex, getting yourself aroused prior to going all the way in achieving pleasure will certainly be rewarding once you climax. You can tease yourself as long as you want. But once you are fully aroused, that is the green light for you to start stimulating your more intimate areas.

Move into the juicy parts

Whether it is your outer labia or your anus, these are areas that can already produce substantial pleasure for you. If you are using a bullet vibrator, try positioning it differently. Place it horizontally to widen the area of effect of the toy on these sensitive portions.

Now you can start aiming for your pearl

Your body is probably aching to feel those outstanding clitoral sensations by now. Well, do not pull any punches and start stimulating your clitoris. You (and your partner) have direct control over the amount of pleasure you can handle before you orgasm. If you want your fun time to last, learn to exercise control on how long you expose your clit to the toy. This obviously takes time and consistent use.

Other Tips to Remember When Using a Clitoral Vibrator

  • Do not forget to try out every vibration, pattern, and intensity setting that your toy has. These were incorporated for the sole reason of giving you the liberty and variety in finding out what gives you the most satisfactory experience.
  • Use a lubricant if your toy allows it. This is just so you will be able to lessen any kind of discomfort or overstimulation that your toy might bring forth.
  • Get your partner in on the action. If you like roleplaying and other effective foreplay strategies, then, by all means, use your toy to the fullest. This will only unlock further excitement in the bedroom that will be for your mutual benefit

And now: over to you!

Now that you know how to use a clit stimulator, we are now giving you blanket permission to experiment and discover newer ways to achieve pleasure with your toy’s help. Who knows? You might just come up with the perfect way to stimulate your clit, assuring you with no less than the most transportive orgasms you have always been craving for.

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